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James Rooney
We've worked with major companies to improve their delivery and technical processes

You've already got Jira, right?

So what can you do in Tenhaw.com that you can't with any popular task management platform?

Understand the Probability of Hitting Your Deadlines

Change the conversation to "There's a 65% chance we can be done by Sprint 8, but a 95% chance we can do it by Sprint 11". This is possible when you put data and simulations at the heart of your decision making.

Automate Status Reports

AI generated status reports means updating reports take seconds, not hours. You'll even get recommendations at the team and company level for what to do next.

Increase Psychological Safety

Gather data on how people are feeling and spot the trends across Teams. Quickly act on trend data to boost productivity and psychological safety.

Visibility of All Tech Debt

Tech Debt gets lost in the backlog. Well, not anymore! See all tech debt across teams in one places, and run simulations of the impact on delivery timelines by addressing them.

Coaching Available for All

Agile and Product chatbots allow anyone to learn about new ways of working.

Integrate your company's training manuals and/or confluence so that training aligns with the company approach.

Reduce The Surprises

Perform What If Analysis on your plans to easily see the impact of holiday requests, or urgent features being added, on timelines.

Practical > Exam Studying

We can help take your team from 0 to Agile Superstars in as little as 3 months.