We want to make sure that no digital team ever misses a deadline again.

To do this, we are building a high performing team that discovers, develops and maintains scaleable systems that delivers tangible outcomes for everyone in the digital space, no matter where they are in the world.

Our Values

Value 1: Thank You / After You

We say Thank you often. We open doors for people we know, and people we don’t.  We give praise in real time. We tackle difficult situations with positivity.

Value 3: Discover and Deliver

We know the "Why" behind everything we do,  and if it isn’t clear - we’ll go find out why. Then we deliver when we say we will.

Value 2: The Shorter The Loop, The Tastier The Soup

We value making feedback loops as short as possible, so that the outcome is better.

Value 4: A Brilliant First Day, Repeated.

Your first day at Tenhaw.com should blow your mind and feel personal to you.

And every 6 months, we'll make you feel like it's your first day all over again!

Be part of the journey