Case Study



Yondr is a global developer, owner operator and service provider of hyperscale data centers. They deliver complex data center capacity needs for the world’s largest tech companies.

The Problem

The global digital team had a vast amount of experience, but yet struggled to predictably deliver outputs. This meant the business couldn't plan further than a quarter ahead, which was causing headaches across the business. We were asked to quickly ensure predictability across their digital teams, with a particular focus on the UK and the USA.

What We Did

We implemented a data driven approach to planning, introducing estimating using Story Points (and updating them once work was done so they better reflected capacity, not what we thought capacity would be). We also implemented Retrospectives, Planning Sessions and active backlog management. This involved working with teams across the UK, USA and Singapore.

The Outcome

Within 3 months, the development team were delivering similar story points each sprint. By 6 months, the development team, the support team and security teams were all delivering a consistent level of story points each sprint. This allowed the business to start planning more holistically.


We spent 6 months working with the Global Digital Team. It was likely that we'd spend an additional 6 months on client site, but redundancies across the business made this impractical.

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