Why we are building Tenhaw.com

TLDR: we're a start up who have experienced the pain of missing deadlines first hand.
“I've lived the pain of missing deadlines first hand as both Delivery Manager and a Scrum Master. After launching Discovery+ across Europe, digitalising hydrogen engines at Anglo American, and working at software agencies, I found there was a common reason behind late deliveries.

I decided to take a data driven approach to Agile Delivery, embracing simplistic simulations and a "transparency above all else" attitude. My teams haven't missed a deadline in 7 years.

After a year developing those simulations into a repeatable delivery pattern, which we use in our consulting practice, we are launching our delivery management platform to the public.

Backed by AWS, and our consultancy clients - I'm ready to embark on our mission - to make sure digital teams never miss a deadline again! ”
James Rooney
“I've worked as a software engineer for over 10 years, and felt the pressure that unrealistic deadlines puts on team members.

James and I met at Newcastle University, so when he asked me to build some simple simulations to assist him as a Agile Delivery Consultant, I did a friend a favour.

I quickly realised these tools solve almost everything that stopped us delivering, and as we both experienced more issues on the ground, we kept building out the tools.

All of a sudden we had the makings of an AI Delivery Management Platform.

At the start of 2024, I made the decision to join James full time at Tenhaw.com, leaving my role working on critical infrastructure at WorldPay. I'm excited to lead the team that will rid the world of missed deadlines!”
Sophie Higgins
James Rooney
Sophie Higgins

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