Case Study

Anglo American


Anglo American is the world's largest producer of platinum, with around 40% of world output, and are one of the worlds biggest polluters. They are on a mission to reduce their CO2 footprint, and so reducing the world's CO2 by 5%, by retro fitting traditional engines in their trucks with Hydrogen engines.

The Problem

An internal start up was formed to tackle this challenge. The first objective was to prove that both a truck can run on hydrogen and that a mine site could produce enough hydrogen to run operations. We were the first delivery team suppliers to be engaged, to set up and run multiple digital teams across Data, Simulation and DevOps to support the business objective of proving this could be done and be financially viable.

What We Did

We set up and ran a lightweight blueprint for agile ways of working, so that new team members were onboarded, everyone was aligned on what was expected. This allowed us to put data at the heart of our decision making. As the team grew, this was rolled out across the UK, Australia and the USA.

The Outcome

All teams around the world understood the expectations of delivery, and we were able to underpin a £40 billion business case with simulation data and real world scenario planning. This internal start up spun out and became "FirstMode", who develop and manufacture decarbonization solutions for heavy industry partners dedicated to the clean energy future.


We spent 18 months working across all digital teams.

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