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We're on a mission to rid the world of missed deadlines

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At, we seek individuals who dream of running their own company and want to learn from our growth, with potential future investment from us. If you love tech and AI and enjoy solving business problems with technology, you'll fit right in. We're a startup focused on fast career growth, with rapidly evolving roles and responsibilities. If you thrive in high-performing teams and enjoy a dynamic, passionate workplace, you'll enjoy working with us.
Sophie Higgins, CTO of and James Rooney, CEO of


We're creating an efficient outbound sales team, support by the best products in the industry


Work on the cutting edge of AI, simulation and data analysis technology.


Create playbooks, not follow them. We're not afraid to try new routes to market, in fact, we encourage it.

Open Roles

Email your cv to and do your best to stand out from the crowd
Full Cycle Account Executive - Remote First - UK

Cold calling all day is hard. We need someone who is willing to be on the phones all day, talking to prospective customers, learning from them, helping shape requirements and sometimes booking meetings. We value conversations, not meetings booked. Then have the ability to demo, and close clients. A full 360 role!

Fullstack Developer - Remote First - UK

We're looking for a blend of Python, AWS, Vercel and React skills to continue our product development. We solve complex problems quickly every day, so ideally you have 5+ years experience to draw on.

Content Designer - Remote First - UK

Help us craft engaging, impactful content that drives our innovative SaaS and consultancy services. We're looking for a creative professional with a keen eye for detail and a passion for technology. If you're ready to shape the voice of a growing tech startup, we'd love to hear from you!

Testimonials is used by Product, Delivery and Engineering Teams
“This helps guide prioritisation conversations with stakeholders - it’s clear to show when things might be delivered and take actions accordingly”
Elena Abril
Product Manager
Ex-Sony / Ex Deloitte
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“This saves me loads of time, at the moment what takes minutes in takes me days in spreadsheets.”

Huda Tantawy
Delivery Manager
Seeing Machines
Linkedin - - Jira
“In every place I’ve been, its takes 90 minutes per report, this takes 90 seconds! Everything I have at the moment is in spreadsheets, but this makes life much easier!”
Anita Kerr
Senior Project Manager
ASG Group
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