Case Study



Before Discovery+ launched, the media giant owned several smaller video on demand brands, such as D-play, which needed to be brought onto the Discovery+ platform.

Discovery+ now has over 24 million subscribers.

The Problem

To launch Discovery+, the business needed to coordinate 6 development teams to re-design and merge content within a strict timeline.There was a fixed deadline as the CEO announced when Discovery+ would launch. We were engaged to run the main visual re-brand team across all platforms. After some quick analysis, there was way too much work for the team to do in the time allotted.

What We Did

We took a data driven approach, and changed the way we used Story Points (updating them once work was done so they better reflected capacity, not what we thought capacity would be). After 3 sprints of working this way, we showed our Happy, Normal and Sad path to the Head of Delivery. With 10 sprints remaining, we clearly demonstrated that without additional capacity, we would likely miss the deadline.

The Outcome

Presenting this data clearly allowed the business to make a quick decision and assign another developer to the team. As a result the team finished almost exactly where the "Normal" path said they would. Discovery also asked us to implement this in their Eurosport team, to meet their deadlines for the Olympics.  


We spent 10 months working across both Discovery+ and Eurosport - leaving them with the tools they needed to manage their delivery without our guidance.

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