Our most commonly asked questions.
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What do you do that Jira doesn't?

Jira is a brilliant task management tool, we use it to manage our backlog, epics, and day to day work. However, it's reporting ability and ability to forecast based on capacity planning let's it down. This is where we come in.

Do I really need Jira and Tenhaw.com?

If missing deadlines has a major impact (financial, loss of face, psychological damage to your team), then perhaps so. However if you don't need to hit deadlines, and stakeholders are happy to accept things arrive whenever they do, then perhaps not.

What if I don't use Jira?

We're working on integrations with AzureDevOps, Salesforce, Asana and more.

Who is Tenhaw.com for?

Developers use us to manage Tech Debt, run Retros and complete Health checks.

Delivery Folk use us to set data driven expectations, create real time status updates and gain deeper insights into team performance.

Head of's or C-suite use us to make data driven decisions, and peace of mind that teams reporting methods are consistent.

How is the AI trained? Is my data secure?

Our AI is trained on "The Tenhaw Method", something we've developed over years in our consultancy. Your data is never use to train any of our modelling, and can only be accessed by you.

I'm worried my teams are not mature enough to make the most of this product - what can I do?

We are still Agile Consultants and can offer a variety of training packages, including alongside Product Implementation.

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